Watch This Rock Band Perform ‘Dayman’ To A Huge Crowd Or Pay The Troll Toll

Well. Just goes to show how far things can go from one to another.


I stumbled upon this video while listening to “People Say” by Alaskan rock band Portugal. The Man, so I just had to share it (because of the implication). This is the band’s cover of “Dayman” from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, performed live during their Honda Civic Tour at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. And what a soaring rendition it is. Karate and friendship for everyone.

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Comparing Final Cut Pro X, Media Composer and Premiere Pro CC



The editing world includes a number of software options, such as Autodesk Smoke, Grass Valley EDIUS, Lightworks, Media 100, Sony Vegas and Quantel. The lion’s share of editing is done on three platforms: Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro. For the last two years many users have been holding onto legacy systems, wondering when the dust would settle and which editing tool would become dominant again. By the end of 2013, these three companies released significant updates that give users a good idea of their future direction and has many zeroing in on a selection.


Differing business models

Adobe, Apple and Avid have three distinctly different approaches. Adobe and Avid offer cross-platform solutions, while Final Cut Pro X only works on Apple hardware. Adobe offers most of its content creation software only through a Creative Cloud subscription. Individual users have access to all creative applications…

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Kid Rock’s $20 Concert Ticket Plan: Good for Fans, Bad for Scalpers

An interesting idea from a popular artist.

Business & Money

At first glance, Kid Rock’s “$20 Best Night Ever” tour seems ripe for exploitation by scalpers. It’s not hard to imagine entrepreneurs scooping up loads of tickets for $20 apiece, and then selling them for triple or quadruple face value—at which point, they’d still be cheaper than the average concert ticket.

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