A Quick Update

Greetings, fellow readers.

It has been quite a long time since I have done anything on this blog, and while I don’t expect to make a fuss all of a sudden, I wanted to differentiate what came before from what is to come now and later.

I created this blog as I was required to for classes in college, which I have long since graduated.  I had no experience blogging before then, so upon my first assignment I had a bit of apprehension and have no problem admitting I thought the notion of blogging was somewhat… weird, maybe? It matters not, because I was ignorant and upon completing my first assignment I felt a rush of excitement: I was required to address a topic, but I could say whatever I wanted.  The restrictions of essays and journal entries were no longer a factor.  I felt liberated that I had the freedom to not even answer a question, per se, but to address a topic however I felt necessary to.

Of course, none of this should come as a revelation to anyone consistently reading blogs, but I mention this simply because I had been doing a lot of thinking.  Over the years I was in college, I was turned onto Jim Emerson’s blog Scanners and even though he has since then retired, I found myself going through his archives, re-introducing myself to some of the articles I had read before, and discovering some new ones.  Afterward, I wanted to start it up again.  I missed that freedom, but I was not sure which of two ways to go about it.  Among my school blog assignments, I only wrote a couple of entries in my free time.  It has been nearly two years since I have published anything.  I wondered if I should pick up where I left off, or start a brand new blog from scratch the distance itself from the other.

In the spirit of blogs reflecting the freedom of expression being somewhat self-indulgent, and I say that affectionately, I took a look at some of my older posts, and while I may have written them differently now, they reflected who I was, what I thought and how I wrote at the time.  For better or for worse.  And that’s what the publish date at the top of the articles are for, right?  So that will be then, and this will be the dividing point to now.

I don’t know how this is going to go.  Recently I’ve been watching shows and TV and have been moved and inspired in ways that few shows have been able to do.  I would hope I would be able to lend some critical analysis and break down some of the things that make me tick.  But on the other hand, maybe I’ll end up telling stories.  Who knows?  I can’t claim to be as focused as other blogs might be, but a creative outlet is a creative outlet nonetheless, and would remain unchanged with zero readers or a thousand… unless of course it led to a lot of interaction, that of course would be a whole new and different experience.

Here’s to what comes next! Whatever that may be.


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