The Amazing Spiderman 79… I mean, 2

We now arrive at the second “second” Spiderman film in 10 years.  It is going to make loads of money, though it will probably not match the opening of the very first Spiderman film 12 years ago, which according to TheWrap was the first film to open to a $100 million weekend.  This is the 5th Spiderman film since then, and I’m a little burned out.  I love the first trilogy, I even enjoy the 3rd film, and I liked the reboots as well, but the inspiration is obviously disappearing as they go.  The reboot is unnecessary and too soon after the first set of films, and I’m tired of movies being made just for the fans and their money. Whaaaat? What’s wrong with movies being made for fans?  Nothing has to be, but I want movies to be passion projects, without all the fan service, because it is wrecking this series and many others.  The Amazing Spiderman 2 was so jumbled and disjointed that I would have hated it if there weren’t parts in it that were so damn good.

Regardless, we are now living in a world of reboots.  I have no one to blame but Christopher Nolan who made Batman Begins in 2005, my favorite of these films ironically, but ever since then the list goes on: Star Trek, X-Men, Godzilla, Superman, Fantastic 4, Transformers, etc.  I like a lot of these movies, but it’s getting old.  Marvel has pretty much come out and said they are going to keep making movies regarding the Avengers until they stop making money.  Well, that logic requires them to make some really shitty movies (even though I’d argue maybe they already have) and that frustrates me.  My favorite film in the world is Star Wars V.  I’m not against blockbuster movies and I don’t think every movie has to be Tree of Life, but I worry for a future I am about to venture into.


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