THAT Scene in Game of Thrones

I do not watch Game of Thrones, but a lot of people are super into it.  Evidently, there was another part that everyone was super shocked over.  I don’t see how these fans can be so shocked, unless they’ve not read any of the books.  No matter.  In the scene being referred to across the internet as THAT scene, a character rapes his sister and often physical lover which of course drew a lot of talk.  Negative talk.  Series writer and show consultant George RR Martin said he originally wrote the scene to be consensual but was supposed to be uncomfortable.  Things change in translation, and he’s right.

Why do people get so bent out of shape when they are exposed to something unpleasant?  Are they under the impression they are supposed to love everything they see on the screen?  “It’s possible to feel that way and still be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of verbiage devoted to the subject, as well as the tendency to circle the discursive wagons and evaluate the encounter according to the criteria of contemporary feminism rather than the quasi-Medieval world of the show. 

That’s what makes Dan Abromowitz‘s alternate script for the scene such a brilliant work of both parody and criticism. Although his comic version of their interaction recalls the snickering over Antioch College’s controversial rules for informed consent — “JAIME: Thank you for having the trust in me to verbalize your lived experience” — there’s no confusion about the fact that Jaime raped Cersei, and that even the perverse nature of their previous relationship and the emotional strain placed on both of them by Joffrey’s murder does not excuse Jaime’s actions. But it does allow that, in a world where brutal violence is quite literally a way of life, the potential for mixed signals might be a little greater:

The script then goes on to pointedly criticize the way “THAT scene” has been written about in our world, although it’s worth pointing out that especially astute writers like Ryan and the Washington Post‘s Alyssa Rosenberg have been able to question the show’s presentation — and especially the statement by the episode’s director that the sex was “consensual by the end” — while still thinking through Jaime’s actions in dramatic and thematic terms.

Considering that HBO is not making advance screeners available for the remainder of “Game of Thrones'” fourth season, critics and viewers will be going forward at the same pace, which should make the ongoing discussion — and the fallout, whatever it may be, from “THAT scene” — all the more interesting.” 

I have copied images from IndieWire’s article of the humorous alternate script.





One thought on “THAT Scene in Game of Thrones

  1. Mian

    1) Jaime was in the middle of a redemption arc
    2) People missed the fact that show-Jaime is a lot more evil than book-Jaime. But this passed another moral event horizon.
    3) People who feel in love with book-Jaime are now upset at having to explain their love to people who only watch the show.

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