Ron Howard is still better than you

Ron Howard has been in the bizz for a long time.  Ever since the days of Andy Griffith, he has went on to direct superb movies and smash hits.  In a recent IndieWire interview, he went over a few tidbits regarding how he got where he is today and how he views the ever changing marketplace.  The main point he hammered is his embrace of new and developing technology:

“Why fight technology at all? The audience is always gonna tell you what they like best. And you, as a storyteller, as a communicator, are going to be required to adjust to that. Your taste, your aesthetic, is certainly going to influence that, and you may choose to diffuse that, maybe decline using that format. But to actually decry, to sort of say ‘we should lobby against it…’ You know, we’re all just doing things and absorbing stories in a different way. At the end of the day, I am a storyteller. And if I think the story has value and I think it’s interesting, then my next job is trying to understand out how to best tell the story, and now, what format? Because there’s no shame in turning around and saying ‘Yes, I like to make movies, but you know where this would really live? The internet.”

That being said, he thinks it is a shame when he sees people watching movies on their smart phone.  Yes, it is personal preference, but shouldn’t we hold ourselves to a certain standard when watching movies?  Some people might not feel that way, but I do and so does Ron Howard. He was quoted as saying television is at an all time high, and for drama I would highly agree with him.  The greatest sitcoms I believe ended with the new century.

“Well, on one hand, digital technology is so exciting for me. While I don’t consider myself a techie at all, I love the fact that I can get so much closer to what’s in my mind on the screen than I ever could before. And there was always this gap, and that gap is narrowing to the point where, [Robert Zemeckis] was quoted as saying ‘We can no longer dazzle people, it’s back to story. And it has to be character and it has to be story.’ I love that.”


I find that rather inspiring.


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