Marvel Cinematic Expansion – Original Streaming Content

There is a lot of question regarding how much Netflix and now even Amazon will be playing in the future, and with the recent release of original content such as Arrested Development season 4, House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black, many feel they will be contenders.  Especially considering how acclaimed and well received these shows were with critics and during Emmy award season.  Both are now delving deeper into producing original content, with a Daredevil series currently in the works, to name one of the few.  Each one has an order for 13 episodes.  Marvel Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada discussed the advantages to the format as opposed to the production of Agents of Shield, seen on ABC.   “I’ve been working very, very closely with the entire team on all levels of the show,” Quesada told Comic Book Resources. He said that he and the creative team are thinking about the way people view content on Netflix — i.e. binge-watching — in developing how to present the series. “Daredevil” launches Marvel’s relationship with Netflix, which includes a total of four interconnected series leading up to the event mini-series, “The Defenders.” “The Netflix model offers us the advantage of being able to construct the show in a manner that is very different than a weekly network TV show,” Quesada explained, talking about the differences in developing “Daredevil” for Netflix to “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on a broadcast network. “We can sit there and look at 13 episodes and plan it out as a very large movie. It makes seeing the bigger picture a little bit easier.” With Marvel running a big show in the film box office, it’s no surprise they may want to delve into other non-Avengers material.  But Marvel has money, how can Netflix be expected to keep producing such shows?  Acclaimed as they may be, the profits can’t be very high.  People pay $8 a month to watch whatever they want, and can get through a season in a weekend.  If Netflix decides to up their costs, they may be in trouble, which may have something to do with all of the classic/quality movies they have been adding lately. Netflix is a fun option to have.  I just don’t know how far they are going to get straying so far from the inception idea.


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