The Poor, Poor Stars of Hollywood

Captain Phillips was nominated for Best Picture.  I was suprised, but pleased, as I throughly enjoyed the movie.  One of the strongest aspects was the acting, and the nominees in the Best Supporting Actor category featured Barkhad Abdi for his role as Muse the pirate.  This was Abdi’s first time acting, as the Somali native came across the role with luck and chance.  And as he makes his award appearances, it was revealed that he is dead broke.

The New Yorker article revealed that he has to be comped by the studio to make his appearances, that his fancy clothes are loaned, etc.  It was revealed he was paid $65,000 for his role in the film, which is not far off from any actors first appearance such as his in a studio film.  But that was two years ago as it took a long time for the film to come out, and most of the articles one reads about it make it their point to show the true struggle in Hollywood.

Ok, but what about the $65 grand pay stub?

No, it’s not what Tom Hanks makes, and it should be obvious that not everyone in the bizz is a millionaire by any sort.  That is a foolish misconception to have.  But if you receive a single check for $65,000, you should be able to pull something out of that.  Abdi quit his job when the film came out as a phone salesman.  Why? I do not know, and I won’t ask him, but if you don’t work you won’t get paid.  You can’t sit on your money and not make more.  Many are making the argument that it is hard to find work as an actor and projects don’t come easily.  I bet they don’t.  But if it’s not paying, do something on the side to keep it going.  Abdi must have had living expenses before his breakthrough, so what happened?

Should he have been paid more?  I don’t know, he was wonderful in the movie though.  I just feel like something is amiss, because some people make that much money in a year and make it.  How does another get paid that much on one stub and it’s all gone unless there isn’t some “sitting on it” involved?  Harsh?  Maybe, I don’t care.  I loved his performance in the movie and hope he gets more work.  I’m sure he does too.


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