Who Wins the Award?

A lot has come out regarding Woody Allen and the allegations that he molested Dylan Farrow when she was a child.  Recently, Blue Jasmine actress Cate Blanchette was asked to comment on the situation and recently said she hopes the family can “find some sort of resolution and peace” in this “long and painful situation.”  It is said that these allegations were timed quite well to hurt Woody Allen’s chances come award season, as the Oscars are now a month away, and since Cate refused to take sides in her statement and doesn’t incriminate him, maybe she doesn’t think he is guilty and there is talk about how this choice could hurt her chances in the Oscar race as well. Maybe.

Maybe. Maybe, maybe.  It’s all bullshit.

None of this should matter.  None of it.  Awards (Oscars in particular, being the most “prestigious” in Hollywood) should only take into account the works in which the nominees are being judged.  Their personal lives?  Nope.  Their past accomplishments?  Not at all.  Everything else should mean nothing.

In the category of Best Actor, for example, there are five actors in competition.  Each of those actors should be judged based on their performance in the one movie they are nominated for and that is all.  If one of them dies, it shouldn’t matter, watch the movie.  If one of them is pronounced with a terminal illness, it still shouldn’t matter.  Weep, but watch the movies.  It may sound very harsh, but the credibility of the award and all awards are at stake if the body of work is not the criteria used to be judged.  Because if it is anything other than the films themselves, there doesn’t need to be any Oscars or film awards for that matter.


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