Scorsese: The Auteur In Control?

Martin Scorsese’s career and filmography speak for themselves.  His films are easily recognized by their style and content and demonstrate control of the craft.  Within the past year or so, Cecchi Gori filed a lawsuit against the director for not making the film Silence.  Produced by Gori, there was reportedly a deal made as far back as 1990 that Scorsese would direct it as his next picture, which obviously did not happen as he went on to make a lot of Oscar nominated films, non of which were Silence.  

Tired of waiting, Gori filed a lawsuit claiming intentional and negligent misrepresentation and demanded over 1.5 million dollars.  Just recently, Scorsese announced that it has been settled and even went on further to say Liam Neeson has been cast in the film.  Production is (most likely) on the way!

I find this intriguing because the obligation makes me wonder how much of a commitment to the art there can/will be?  When someone has to do something, there is always the potential that it may not be treated like they want/must do something.  I do not question Scorsese’s ability or credibility, I actually think he is America’s best and my favorite because of it, but he obviously chose other projects for a reason, and kept doing so.  Yes, he should either honor the supposed contract or buy his way out of it, yes.  But is he finally ready to make that film?  Being an active filmmaker since the late 60’s and knowing how long it takes to make a movie, there will not be many more opportunities left.


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