Breaking Bad Watch: Say Hello to My Little Friend

My favorite show has ended and I wasn’t let down.


“Just get me home. I’ll do the rest.” –Walter White
“I guess I got what I deserved.” –Badfinger, “Baby Blue”

The final episode of Breaking Bad, like Walter White climbing into that frozen car in New Hampshire, had a lot of business to take care of in a short time. To list just a few of the questions hanging before it: Will Walt die? Will he be redeemed? Can he make it up to his family? What is Marie’s role? What is the ricin for? The machine gun? Does Gray Matter fit in? What happens to Skyler? Where’s the Todd and Lydia story going? Oh, and is Huell still waiting in that living room?

“Felina,” the last episode ever of the magnificent series Breaking Bad, was a kind of machine gun of narrative, knocking down all of those questions with auto-fire efficiency. (Well, almost all. Sorry, Huell!) It was…

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