Michael Moore vs. Obama’s America

I dislike political documentaries.

Here’s the thing: It is very hard to make a statement in politics that can account for both sides.  In a political film, the agenda is usually persuasion, and the subtlety is what varies.  Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Moore is not subtle.  As a class, we like to tear into him a little bit, and we’re not the only ones.

I don’t feel bad.  He does it to himself.  Not because I don’t agree with with him, which I don’t, but because he doesn’t practice what he preaches. He is a manipulative filmmaker (more than necessary) and younger audiences often go to his movies because they are so accessible.

Fahrenheit 9/11 came at a time when America was worried and confused.  The people who were going to be voting for the first time would see this above any political documentary.   The scene where Moore is asking the people in power to sign their children up for war is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever seen.  He wouldn’t do that, and it is absurd for him to demand it.


It is difficult to be frustrated with young viewers turing to this crap when Obama’s America, a film made almost in response, is so damn dull.  Moore is an ass in my eyes, but hey, he’s somewhat entertaining.  Granted, I do think that the film did poorly because people are a little more sensitive about criticizing Obama than Bush, but the movie sucks, no matter what side you support.  Unfortunately, it brings up a lot of interesting points or things to think about that people are going to brush aside because these people don’t know how to make an engaging film.  It asks more questions than Moore does that are relevant but who cares?

Political documentaries are as frustrating as can be in my most humble of opinions.  It has been said that cinema is political by nature, but spotting movies with an agenda takes me out of it.  I want to be taken in and experience something.  For this reason, I’ll stick with different subject matter.


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