Crumb… Yeah, I’m Out Of Clever Titles

“I’m drawing some portraits of girls I had crushes on in high school.”  He then proceeds to name them and describe what made them stand out and what everyone said of them.  “I never had any contact with any of these girls except I played footsie with this one.  Where are they now? 30 years ago.  30 years ago, they’re all middle aged house wives now. Who woulda thought?”


Robert Crumb is odd.  I don’t care. I don’t feel bad.  Crumb is odd to say the least… which almost guarantees the movie to at least be interesting.  I hate saying that, but the strange subjects told in the simple manner are often very captivating, and Terry Zwigoff’s movie is no exception.

I said it before, Crumb is odd, and while it is the truth, it should be expected considering where he came from. The movie doesn’t present us with a “look at this weirdo” but instead we get a somewhat damaged man/family doing whatever he can to make it.  Some of it is little things like in an interview it was said “He was unhappy in high school.”  Generic statement.  Generic… but relatable.  And what if there is more to just being able to relate that being unhappy in high school?  That is where his brothers come in.

I don’t want to say the movie is a tragedy but it is tragic.  I applaud Crumb for letting Zwigoff tell this story, because put yourself in that situation: would you want to be so exposed?


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