Capturing the Friedmans On Film

That was intense.

There have been intense viewings this semester, but this one takes it for subject matter.  It really pulls you in and then messes with you because it has forced you to become so involved.  From the opening of the movie with the home video footage you can’t help but be intrigued.  Then shit comes up…  It’s rough.

The problem: everyone has something different to say and I couldn’t find myself convinced of what I think really did or didn’t happen. It was almost like a tease of what it could possibly be like to play detective.  We watched The Thin Blue Line earlier this semester, which was one of my favorites, but while it didn’t seem to intentionally take sides, it left the viewer somewhat convinced of what did happened.  This movie does a great job and bringing the audience in and presenting a lot of different sides and stories, but in the end, we are left inconclusive.

Which works.

The case is fairly inconclusive itself and it is only fitting that the end of the film be as well.  It should make you think. You should be thinking, dammit! What happened? Who is telling the truth?  Who is full of shit, if not everyone?   Why should we leave the screening convinced of what happened.  Morris didn’t convince me, I convinced myself from the evidence presented to me, so I was involved in his movie.  This one didn’t confirm anything, and I was still just as involved in the movie.  I can’t say what happened. Still can’t.  But I was included and the experience gave me things to think about long after it was over.

What more could you ask for in a film?  Who wants to leave a theater opening day of a movie and say “That was fun” and move on, never to ponder it ever again.  Waste of 8 bucks.


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