McElwee’s March

… What?

Talk about misleading.  I love this movie.  It is so absurd, but I wouldn’t say by accident.  We’ve talked about the intent of a filmmaker creating a documentary and how it can be out of their control depending on what they get in the footage.  Well… that doesn’t exactly fly here.  Regarding Sherman’s MarchRoss McElwee was in control, TECHNICALLY.  He was the Writer, Director, Producer, Narrator, Star, and the man behind the camera.  However, he can’t focus.  He is the creator of this film and is not in control.  Break-ups are hard.  They suck.  But McElwee keeps getting distracted and can’t separate his emotional emptiness his ex-girlfriend left him in from the task of creating the movie.

That said, what we get is very personal.  Very whiney, somewhat annoying, but very hard to look away.  How many women does he meet and “fall for” over the course of filming this movie?  He is so upset about his break-up that he can’t ignore attraction to these women, when really he just wants someone to fill his void.  His march doesn’t mirror Sherman’s Civil War march as much as the initial intent may have hoped, but when the sole person who has the intent is altered so much on a personal level, their output will as well, including their work, interactions with others, thoughts, etc.


Side note: I don’t know what we are going to discuss about this film in upcoming class, not a clue actually, but I still don’t feel bad about not liking The Gleaners and I.


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