Window Water BOOM Baby

At first, I could only think “What Doctor allowed this?”

Window Water Baby Moving is not easy to write about.  It is an experimental film depicting the birth of the director’s child.  That alone is enough to make a lot of people cringe, as was the case in the classroom I watched it in.  But having witnessed a birth recently, I thought they were actually pretty generous with what they could have showed.  Granted, at the very end, they started to be a little less generous,  but when you are literally watching “Life” I personally find it hard not to appreciate it, in all its disgusting beauty.

There is no sound.  This makes the movie more intense.  I’m not sure why, but it draws you in more, and the classroom had never been so quiet.  It was experimental in the editing: the way it was chopped up and kept calling back to the opening.  The film has a linear narrative, it just has random bits thrown in between.

There is an odd sense of beauty,  like some of the shots in the bathtub with the water dripping off the belly.  I knew what was coming, and when it did, I’m glad it kept reverting back to those, even if the frantic editing and silence adds intensity.  And a good point was made in class about the early portion of the birth being portrayed in a somewhat sexual orgasmic way.  Out of context, showing her hands gripping and moaning, what would you think?

At least it kept going back to the bathtub.  That really was something.


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