Nazi’s and Fog

Night & Fog was thirty minutes of contemplation.  But not in the way most WWII/Holocaust movies are.

The majority of films regarding this subject matter make it a point to hammer home how horrible the Nazi’s were for what they did at these camps.  This film said that without EVER saying it.  It took archival footage… This was footage I didn’t even know existed, but they filmed it like it was their job.  Just like the architects we discussed who put these buildings and courtyards together as their occupation.

People have criticized Schindler’s List for painting the war in the one good man vs. one bad man stance.  I don’t view it that way because Hitler is not even in the film and it is supposed to be about one man did, but I always thought that movie seemed so realistic it almost seemed horrifyingly unrealistic.  Watching the real footage, I still felt the same.  The piles of hair, the bulldozer of bodies, etc.

The film was made at a time to make the statement that people did this, and the fear it could happen one means it could happen again.


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