Harlen County INC.

Whew.  Tough stuff working in the mines, isn’t it?

This movie is incredible.  The first shot blew my mind (there was a guy and he pushed a switch that blew open a mine) There were times where I felt a bit claustrophobic sitting with these workers in the dark.  But it isn’t just about what they do, it’s what they strive for, and the film masterfully covers these people’s struggles in life so well.

It is a bit hard to follow, I won’t pretend otherwise.  But the strike and how violent it got is such a captivating subject.  The voice of God narration is fairly common among documentaries, but not when the voice is a women’s.  But all that being said, which is me loving it as a movie, there is a clear bias.  The film crew is on the side of the miners (fair enough, I can’t blame them) and it makes me think about political documentaries, which I am not a fan of.  The agenda is noticeable.

However, it is driven by the shots they were able to capture, the stories and interviews told by these very relatable characters and that oh so damn catchy music added to it.  How could you not hum along?!


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