Page One: Inside the New York Times’ Macbooks

There are a lot of people using Macbook Pros in this movie. Moving on.

Not since what many consider the greatest movie ever made (sorry Vertigo, Kane reigns the superior film in my eyes) has there been a movie so interesting and engaging about the newspaper industry, at least that I can recall.  The poster for this movie claims it is from the people that brought us Food Inc. and  An Inconvenient Truth, films I am not necessarily a fan of, but I was completely into this one.

All the people seem very comfortable doing interviews and being in front of the camera.  It’s what they do.  The writers and publishers make a living by putting out their work and credibility for everyone to see.  They argue about what is and isn’t front page material based on ethics, reader interest, personal interest, amount of information gathered and trusted, etc.  I found it fascinating.

A large portion of the movie covers the debate on will the New York Times fall and is the newspaper becoming obsolete? With the rise of the internet and blogging and even online newspapers many question if print will last.  Having seen what the internet has gone through growing up, I still say not yet.  Internet doesn’t seem to have as much credibility with anyone being able to partake.  As you are reading a blog post, I promise I am not damning the use.  The internet is a personable place, but I feel it should be left to that and the print remain with the “professionals” entrusted under the companies.


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